Yes, You Can.

I honestly don’t know what I love more—being able to make bright, colorful accessories that people enjoy, or being able to use this business for the greater good. I know, I know….it’s something I SHOULD say and do….but I sincerely love that Suzeebee can contribute to non-profits and worthwhile fundraising efforts that I couldn’t do otherwise. It’s not that I can donate huge amounts, but it’s this: combined with others’ donations, it DOES make a difference. REMEMBER THAT. Each of us can do SOMETHING, any little thing, that provides a cumulative affect that gives back to make a difference.

Sometimes I think, ohhhhh dearrrr, I really kinda need to hang on to that sales profit……and it’s exactly at that time that I know I need to let a portion of it go. That’s faith in action. I typically don’t like to “advertise” when I do that because I absolutely do not do it for ANY other reason than because it’s the right thing to do. However, a friend gave me the perspective-changing advice that perhaps sharing the information will inspire others to do the same. Geez, Chasse, thanks for showing me some truth! Anyway, the point is, you CAN and WILL make a difference toward a greater good if you just let go of a little something (or a big something).

Yes, you can. Do it because you can.

Caroline Arey

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