I had the beautiful privilege land week of experiencing my newest grandbaby’s baptism in a personal service. So many wonderful pictures resulted, but this one really touches me. The hands holding this precious gift are committed to cherishing, nurturing, and spiritually upholding baby Annablair as she grows. I just can’t get this picture out of my mind.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t even feel us actually holding her, as she snoozed through the event! But that’s where it gets really deep for me. We don’t always feel the hands holding us either. But they’re there. Yes, God is always, always, always holding us and is always here, regardless of whether we feel it. That said, I’m actually referring to the physical and mortal hands that continually hold us and lift us up, especially when we have a difficult time holding ourselves up, regardless of whether we tangibly feel them constantly either.

I’m so deeply blessed to have many hands holding me. Having experienced extreme trauma in the very recent past, my friends whose hands are always open and laden with my pain are a divine gift. Never take for granted or minimize. Just take a moment to soak this photo into your mind and then, be so very grateful for the hands holding you figuratively and physically.

Caroline Arey

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