Follow Your Own Arrow

Last night, as always, I woke up around 3 a.m. (doesn’t everybody?!), thankfully briefly, and was thinking about a project I didn’t get done the previous day (doesn’t everybody?!). It included an adorable quote by one of my favorite embroidery designers, Designs by JuJu. So, I’m completing the project as I type. Check out the photo. While arrows have been a trend lately, I’ve only recently jumped on the bandwagon, particularly after hearing a message from my pastor about them.

In the wee hours, this thought came into my head: Quit trying to shoot your arrow using someone else’s bow.

That can’t be original, so whoever should get credit for it, here ya go. Regardless, it’s something to ponder and integrate. Life has ways of making us feel like our quiver of arrows is limited, completely empty, or full of broken or damaged arrows. More importantly, though, it’s the bow that projects the arrow, regardless of the condition of the arrows. Your arrows will be directed by your own unique bow…. and your bow is held in the hand of the One who created it. Be the bow that complements your arrows. You know how you try to wear someone else’s shoes, same size and everything, but they just don’t feel right on your feet? Or you try to cook in someone else’s kitchen? Or, even worse, compare yourself and feel that you fall short?? Comparison is the thief of joy, said Theodore Roosevelt…. true… and when we compare our unique bow with someone else’s? Well, joy just left the building.

I don’t have the wisdom to lead anyone into the perfect comfort of trusting his own bow, but I do have the confidence to acknowledge this: We can follow the direction of our own arrows best when we embrace the bow we were given.

Caroline Arey

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