Beautiful Things

The lyrics to Gungor’s “Beautiful Things” that are proudly displayed in our About Us section are not by accident or just because this song features a nice melody. Instead, the powerful truth “He makes beautiful things out of dust… He makes beautiful things out of us,” has been a simple, but profound, bittersweet mantra throughout my life. 

I have experienced incredible joys that can only be attributed to the hand of a divine Creator who relishes in giving His children things that delight them. For me, undoubtedly, that joy has centered on my family, made up of 3 children and 2 granddaughters.

By the same token, however, I have seen Him allow other precious things, once held dear, vanish into dust. For all of the goodness, love and exponential pleasures I have been given, I have also experienced unbearable pain and thick ashes.

However, each day as I wake up, I have the opportunity to speak life into the dusty pieces of my heart and reawaken the power of the Spirit He has placed inside of me. Rather than crumble, I make the choice to stand in His presence and recognize that I have been made in His image with the power to create, just as I was created. 

As I wade through shadows that may threaten to pull me into their dust and gloom, I can cling to the truth that I serve a God who made, makes and is making beautiful things out of dust… and beautiful things out of me… and I can serve Him fully with the gifts He planted inside of me and make beautiful things as well.

Welcome to Suzeebee. I hope you find the beautiful thing you were searching for.

Rob Dietz

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